ORDER: Diptera

FAMILY: Syrphidae



Episyrphus spp. Syrphus spp. Melanostoma spp. Spherophoria spp

Common names: Hover flies, Flower flies


Hover flies get their name from their behavior of hovering in the air as they forage on flowers for nectar. Hover flies are important pollinators of wild flowering plants as well agricultural crops and apart from pollination services, many species of hover flies in their larval stage also act as natural biological control agents as they are predators that feed on insects such as aphids, leaf hoppers, etc. Over 350 species of hover flies have been documented from India.


Source: A review paper on the hover flies from India can be accessed at this link http://www.faunajournal.com/vol2Issue3/pdf/2-2-59.1.pdf