About Pollinators Network


The Pollinators Network is a joint initiative of Keystone Foundation, Nilgiris & NESFAS, Meghalaya (Northeast Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society) to create a repository of existing knowledge on pollinator species, pollination services, traditional farming practices, food production, conservation of pollinator habitats, conserving biodiversity, and the benefits that farmers and pollinators bring to each other. The Network will focus on different agroclimatic zones of India, South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Mexico. The other focus of the Network is to create a pool of Indigenous knowledge and practical scientific knowledge that can be readily used by students, farmers, various indigenous communities, service agencies, social enterprise groups, environmentalists, and policy makers for better management of natural resources.

Currently, the Pollinators Network is concentrating on collecting information related to pollinator species (distribution, behaviour, habit, habitat), traditional farming practices and folklore (songs, stories, riddles).

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